Club History

The club was formed in 1996 when Rowheath Harriers and the Borough of Sandwell Athletics Club joined forces.  Rowheath Harriers were themselves formed in 1981 and quickly grew to become a strong local harriers club.  Rowheath Harriers had merged with Harborne Harriers in the 1990’s.  Borough of Sandwell AC were formed in 1987 from the previous Warley AC which itself was forged out of an amalgamation of Smethwick Harriers and Oldbury Harriers.

The Club has a strong heritage with the development of athletics in the south of the City that dates back over a century.   We have also attached pictures of the Outer Circle Road Relays that was run around the Outer Circle Route (11C) organised by Harborne Harriers around the 1930’s.  The event dates back to the mid 1920’s.  We have also attached pictures of early club photos of Harborne Harriers.

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